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Dance Sketch Books

Updated: May 16, 2023

Teaching a New Workshop for The Urbano Project Winter 2023!

Our application just went live! Check out Urbano Project for more details. This is the first iteration of a larger workshop I will teach for them in the Spring. We will explore the shifting landscape of the performing arts as screens become a larger part of everyone's lives. What does this mean for us as creators? Using a second iteration of the QR code portals developed in my DeCordova Hive project in 2021 we will explore the space between 3d embodiment and the 2d performance scene. How can movers experience the lack of stage opportunities in a post pandemic world as generative vs discouraging?

Wrapping up in late January 2023 we finally have a playlist to share! Each hanging QR code portal that was suspended in the Theater for the 22 Century lead to a student creation. You can see them all on our playlist here.

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