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I studied dance at Colorado College with Donna Mejia and then went on to train at ADF, Bates Dance Festival, with Andanza in San Juan Puerto Rico and Roseangela Silvestre in Salvador, Brazil. As a freelancer/ guest artist I have performed in works at AS220, The RISD Museum, University Settlement in NYC, Southern Vermont Dance Festival, PVD Fest, Providence Fringe Fest, The Mosesian Center for the Arts, Boston Conservatory Alumni Weekend, The Sprinkler Factory and the Boston Center for the Arts. In 2012 I cofounded AmorphUs Dance Collective in Providence R.I . In Boston I apprenticed with Prometheus Dance from 2016 to 2019  and performed with Betsy Miller, Danielle Davidson, Lorraine Chapman, PDM Peter Dimuro and with Emily Beattie and Leanna Percoco. From 2013 to 2018 I was a company member with Zoe Dance under the artistic direction of Callie Chapman.  During the Pandemic I began to experiment with film and video, creating twelve site specific pieces which you can see here.

About my technique class:

Class begins with a progression of exercises developed from the Piso Móvil technique. We connect to the spine and pelvis in new ways by searching for and eventually resurfacing our animal body.  We will learn about how the eyes move differently when we explore how to see and feel outside of predator mode. It’s ok to go slow. This gradual warming process opens up new possibilities for motion in the hips, collarbone and cervical spine.


Coming out of the floor, we explore how precision balances with release and momentum. We will enliven all 26 bones of the foot and energize the anatomy trains of the back body. If there is time we will use improvisation and visualization to research and expand into our own unique Radical Radial Bodies (from Jesse Zaritt and KJ Holmes). 


Finally, we will use imagery from this research to layer poetry on top of an athletic and expansive phrase developed from my personal movement vocabulary. This choreography will be offered primarily as a forum for exploring our depth and breadth as performers . But  it also has the intention of raising the heart rate, fully mobilizing the joints and describing new dimensions of time and space. With this closing phrase we will use our bodies to articulate landscapes, memories and treasures that can be found inside movement.

The goal for these experiments to  open us more

fully to sensations of hope, grief, gratitude and wonder.


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