The Imagined City

During the Fall of 2016 I was awarded a four month residency at the Urbano Project. Three months of teaching and rehearsal culminated in a mobile concert.

Along with five youth artists, I composed and presented an evening length dance performance in and around the Egelston YMCA in Jamaica Plain. Our group used movement invention, composition, journaling and installation to explore collective notions of “the other” in our communities. Students built and performed five place based choreographies and created their own artist bios.

We asked: How do social walls prevent different communities from knowing one another as individuals? How is the performance of identity both choreographed and innate? Which identities are prescribed by society and which identities are a choice? How and when do you see yourself in others? When are you not able to see yourself in others?

Not quite a parade, not quite a formal stage performance, the show invited more audience participation than a traditional proscenium stage setting. We presented the piece at Egelston Winter Fest on Saturday,  December 10, 2016.


Photos by Faisal Westcott