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How do you translate a 3 D teaching practice into a 2D teaching practice? So much of my teaching work is about feeling through connections with people in real time, in a shared space. Can sharing music through Zoom effect the energetic of a space in this same way? This is a picture of a Valentines Day dance we are making at the Yawkey Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury.

One main thing I am thinking about: How do you create connections teaching on line during the pandemic? This winter I have been teaching a lot on Zoom. I have a file that lists all the weekly meetings I lead titled "Zrooms" since each group feels like a different Room in some imaginary school building that is beamed down from the sky each week. Or do we beam up to it? Or across?

Finding my way through this new set up has been an interesting journey. My main focus of research is around using Zoom as a platform to model creative process with new media. How can we break out of the confines of the screen to be more creative than we originally thought possible? How can self expression, abstraction, authenticity and joy be communicated in isolation? Are screens necessarily an interference to connection? Or can the Zoom experience be transformed into a beautiful tool? How can experiments in dance, theater, movement improv, collage, sculpture, illustration, instrument invention, acting singing and stage craft be documented with video? What literacy skills apply to building a script for a play or movie? How do we combine narrative and improvisation to best collaborate with peers? Specifically I am focussing the development of this new tool in the performing arts.

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